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The Memory Detectives is relevant to many aspects of the National Curriculum:

  • English: Reading and comprehension
  • History: The role of The Air Transport Auxiliary Service in supporting the RAF in WW2.
  • Equality and Diversity: Discrimination against women A.T.A. pilots after the war.
  • Health: the challenges of memory loss and aging.
  • P.S.H.E.: Relationships between school friends, different generations, and between nations.
  • Computing: The use of I.T. to help stimulate communicate with someone with dementia. For example, the young people use Google Images, YouTube and an app.
  • Citizenship: The children contact their M.P. because Hattie has not yet received her Government 'Badge of Thanks'.



I have prepared a quiz which will test pupils' knowledge of the story and which I hope they will find fun. (Not on this website in case 'tech-savvy' pupils think to check the website too! Please contact me via my publisher if you would like it.)

I deliberately wrote the book in everyday language to make it accessible to as many children as possible. There is a lot of dialogue and some chapters would convert well into play reading material. If this is of interest to you, please let me know and I will lay out a selection of chapters in that form.

In these strange Covid times, school visits are not likely to be possible unless it were via Skype or Zoom but I would be willing to help in any way that I could. There are also some excellent videos online about the A.T.A. which would enhance pupils' learning. Here is a link to the pilot, Joy Lofthouse, who I interviewed for research ...and another to her great friend, Mary Ellis.